The Nutfield 300th Steering Committee is Looking for Partnerships with Local Artists and Illustrators

As 2019 and the 300th anniversary of the settling of this area rapidly approach, the team helping organize the anniversary celebrations is looking to develop relationships with local artists and illustrators who might create artwork to mark the Nutfield 300th.

In particular, the Nutfield 300th Steering Committee seeks:

The interim logo, in use now for 300th material, and destined to be replaced by your better logo graphic.

  • A designer who can develop a simple yet inspiring logo graphic that can be used to identify and promote all official Nutfield 300th activities and publications;

  • Artists of any medium and style that might participate in a possible fundraising art show this fall, and a tentative Nutfield 300th themed art show during 2019; and

  • Graphic designers who might volunteer to help design and lay out the official Nutfield 300th program and other materials to support the celebrations.

The logo needs to be finalized and ready to use by the end of the calendar year or sooner. It should be an easy-to recognize graphic that captures the essence of the 300th celebrations and works well in a variety of digital and print media. All the artwork should reflect the spirit of the Scots-Irish early settlers, and be motivating or educational (or both).

For background, here are several samples of artwork from anniversaries and other events of the past. (Click to expand an image. For more on the 250th Anniversary Medals, see this blog post.)

The Steering Committee will work with interested artists to develop specific project briefs, and also to share background on the founding history, 300 years of community life, and other aspects that might inform the resulting artwork.

The first step in the process is for interested artists and designers to fill out and submit the form below. We’ll then get back to you to discuss next steps. Thank you!

300th Artist Outreach Form

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