About this Site

Living in East Derry since 1982, I eventually developed an interest in the fascinating past of the area. I've been active in the First Parish Church historic preservation and Meetinghouse rehab efforts for many years, and more recently was appointed to the Town of Derry Heritage Commission, so I've already been pleasantly involved researching and sharing that history.

NutfieldHistory.org gives me the chance to share some of the previously internal work I've done and also to consolidate the history-related organizations, destinations, and news, and events from the area.

Why "Nutfield"?

The large tract of land the first settlers arrived at in 1719 was covered with chestnut, oak, and similar trees, and went by the name "Nutfield."

Just three years later—June 21, 1722—a town charter was granted to Nutfield, and they changed the name to "Londonderry" in honor of the Irish town that had been the previous home of many of them.

Later division of that land led to the borders and towns we see today. The originally-settled area took the town name "Derry," and parts of modern Hampstead, Windham, Londonderry, and Manchester were all once Nutfield.



I'm Paul Lindemann, your host, organizer, and primary writer and photographer.



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