Upper Village Historic District

The central historic part of East Derry is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Upper Village.

The Register listing was approved in 1982. The text in the application is outdated, but very interesting:


The Upper Village Historic District is comprised of 22 buildings of architectural or historical significance, the cemetery belonging to the First Church, the Pearson field, and the Shepard fields which contain the Shepard carriage house, the foundation of the Thorn Tavern, and the muster parade grounds. The District's houses were all constructed between 1810 and the early 1900s, with the majority built in the early-to-mid 1800s. No houses have been builtin the Village since 1929.

The greatest number of homes within the District are in the Federal style, but the District does display a wide variety of well integrated architectural styles. Few of the buildings have undergone major alterations, and all are in good condition. There is only one small non-contributing site, a storage building and playground located behind the First Church.

The Upper Village is located on Hampstead Road at the top of the hill. The District begins at the corner of Hampstead and Cemetery Roads and runs along Hampstead to the Betton house. It turns right at the intersection of Hampstead and Lane and precedes along Lane Road to the Hugh Jones house. 

Download a PDF of the Register Application to read more.

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