Nutfield's 300th Anniversary Press Coverage

Links to articles and other media coverage of the Celebration planning process.

Recent Articles on the 300th & Planning

NH PUBLIC RADIO 12/30/19 — Southern New Hampshire Towns To Celebrate Tricentennial

NUTFIELD NEWS 12/19/18 — Plans for Nutfield Tricentennial Celebration Coming into Focus

DERRY NEWS 9/24/18 — History in the Making

NUTFIELD NEWS 7/12/18 — Heritage Commission Plans for Nutfield 300th Celebration

LONDONDERRY TIMES 6/7/18 — Nutfield’s 300th Anniversary Celebration Preperation Underway

LONDONDERRY TIMES 6/7/18 — Towns Continue Planning for Nutfield 300th Anniversary

DERRY NEWS 5/21/18 — Planted in history: First Parish Church hosts PotatoFest

UNION LEADER 5/19/18 — Derry raises money and awareness with first ever PotatoFest

DERRY NEWS 5/18/18 — 'Beautify' forest effort supports 300th anniversary

DERRY NEWS 3/26/17 — Forest supporters look forward to Nutfield's 300th

UNION LEADER 2/14/18 — Centuries-old Derry church undergoing restoration

NUTFIELD NEWS 2/1/18 — Heritage Commission Kicks Off Nutfield 300th Anniversary

DERRY NEWS 1/28/18 — Community plans for Nutfield settlement's 300th

UNION LEADER 1/31/18 — Derry starts preparations for Nutfield's 300th anniversary

EAGLE TRIBUNE 7/31/17 — Derry Public Library efforts save history in digital form


Articles on the BBC MacGregor Filming

DERRY NEWS 3/5/18 — Family ties — Irish film crew helps father, son trace local roots

MANCHESTER UNION LEADER — Northern Ireland film crew visits Derry with MacGregor descendants

NUTFIELD NEWS — BBC Visits Derry With MacGregor Ancestors to Film Mini-Series


Mini MacGregor Reunion in Derry, New Hampshire filmed by the BBC

The 1719 Nutfield Story from an 1878 New Hampshire Newspaper


Older Articles

Planning Continues for Nutfield Towns’ 300th Anniversary
March 25, 2016,  by Kaitlyn Woods, Londonderry Times

Londonderry’s Nutfield 300th Anniversary Committee members discussed recruiting representation from the other participating communities – Windham, Derry and Chester – and hosting a celebration over several months.
     Representatives from Windham’s Historical Society and First Parish Church in East Derry discussed with the planning committee at their meeting Monday setting tentative dates for the celebration and collaborating events in each of the communities. Read more ...

Early planning revs up for Nutfield 300th anniversary
March 16, 2016, by Eli Okun, Manchester Union Leader

LONDONDERRY — The 300th anniversary of Nutfield’s founding may still be more than three years away, but people in several local towns are kicking preliminary planning into gear.
     Londonderry, Derry and Windham — all of which derived, at least in part, from the original 12-mile tract known as Nutfield in the 18th century — have the beginnings of 300th-related endeavors underway.  Read more ..

Historic church, steeple will honor Nutfield's 300th
First Parish Church readies for anniversary in 2019
Jan 27, 2016, by Julie Huss, Derry News

When the area's original Nutfield settlement celebrates its 300th anniversary three years from now, one historic church will be ready.
     First Parish Congregational Church will be a focal point for the celebration and is now undergoing major renovations projects and repairs. 
Read more ...