Nutfield 300th Founders Weekend

With this weekend-long celebration, we mark the founding of Nutfield where—and exactly 300 years after—Rev. MacGregor and the first 16 Scots-Irish families chose to establish their new community.

The First Parish Church Meetinghouse and Upper Village Hall,
in historic East Derry, New Hampshire.


Located in East Derry’s National Register historic Upper Village, the Weekend features two tracks in parallel, with many common events and activities between them.

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Heritage Weekend

Heritage Weekend is based at First Parish Church, and offers a variety of fun and learning activities free to the general public.

Saturday features a day filled with displays, brief talks, tours, kids activities, food service, and more, all perfect for stopping by for a few minutes or staying all day.


Sunday features special worship services, a closing reception, and the chance to enjoy local tours or visit the special open houses at area history museums.

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Nutfield Families Reunion and Conference

The Nutfield Families Reunion and Conference is based right across the street at the historic, restored Upper Village Hall. It offers rich opportunities for early family descendants and researchers to share family history information, research methods and tips, catch up with other family members, and meet relatives they may never have known before.

The program includes hour-long Keynote talks by experts in the field, a special Welcome Dinner, and — perhaps most valuable — a physical home base for the weekend where each family can meet and share information, plus access to experts and their research materials all weekend in Genealogy Headquarters.

Learn more about the impressive program and opportunities and how to register in advance on the Families Reunion and Conference page >

Saturday evening features the semi-formal Nutfield Gala, hosted by the Greater derry Arts Council and happening in the restored Opera House in downtown Derry (read more on the Nutfield Gala page >).

On Sunday, First Parish Church hosts two special worship services, a morning service with returning past Pastors and historic communion service, and an afternoon Ecumenical Worship Service with participation by numerous historic and modern houses of worship from the entire Nutfield area. Read more on the Sunday Services page >.

Check out the evolving Founders Weekend Program page for details on activities and times, and explore the additional historic background and information plus links to area museums and historical societies on the 300th Resources page.

Visitors can also find information on area lodging and dining on the 300th Hospitality page >.

All information is subject to change; check back often to see the latest.