Tower Takedown: The Day Before, Sept. 8

A large Preservation Timber Framing crew hustled today to make the final preparations for the takedown tomorrow.

They disassembled the layer of scaffolding around the tower top, and reassembled it around the cribbing where the top will rest on the ground. (They'll move more scaffolding to completely surround the top after the takedown.)

In the morning, three flatbed arrived with the heavy weights that will counterbalance the massive top when lifted by the crane.

The crew made a ramp for the crane to drive over the curb, and laid out the heavy fiberglass mats that help protect the lawn from crane. And in the afternoon the crane arrived! It is indeed huge.

Now the new roof is trimmed out and ready to fly up, the cribbing on the ground is all set, and the final plans for attaching the bearing timbers to the belfry and then the crane to the bearing timbers have been made. 

The action begins early tomorrow!