Tower Takedown: Aug 27–31, 2015

Catching up here on recent work (as recorded in Facebook posts and copied here).

MONDAY AUGUST 31 — Preparations for the FPC Tower Takedown continued today. The top should "fly down" between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Wednesday Sept. 9th. The public is welcome (though safe viewing areas will be limited). It's rain or shine; only thunderstorms will delay things till Thursday,
The crane will arrive Tuesday afternoon and move in place on the front lawn (mats will help protect the grass). Wednesday work will begin early, with the lifting and setting of the long rigging beams through the belfry and other preparations for the lift. After the top comes down and is set in place, the bell will be removed, and then the new roof flown up to seal the tower base,

FRIDAY AUGUST 28 — At the FPC Meetinghouse Tower Takedown project, we sadly had to remove a maple too close to the Meetinghouse. The building looks happier without it, though. Read more in the captions.

THURSDAY AUGUST 27 — The beautiful E. Howard & Co. clockworks in the FPC Meetinghouse Tower is now protected for the Takedown. Brian Cox and others on the Preservation Timber Framing crew designed and built a custom, ventilated plywood box for this purpose.