Tower Takedown: Day 5, Aug. 19

The heatwave continued today, but the powerful fans and emptied window openings help make the tower interior a little more tolerable. The seven-person Preservation Timber Frame crew led by Ed Bell continued working inside and out, removing more trim, siding, and other materials, to preserve them and expose the timber frame structure underneath (which none of us in recent years have ever seen).

FPC volunteer and clock works master Paul Dionne removed the shafts that drive the hands on the three clock faces. These will be stored safely with the clock works inside the tower. Later this week he'll remove the ceiling-mounted pulley and cable for the rock weight box that drives the clock, and then construct a box around the clock works to protect it.

Meanwhile volunteer Harry Carter has removed nearly all of the electrical system wiring so that the tower top will be free to fly away. He also installed a new outlet box at PTF's request (they have learned not to trust existing ancient outlets for their tools and lights). Bill Wheeler from the FPC Facilities Board also helped prepare for the takedown by coordinating the moving of fire alarm gear with the fire department. 

PTF's extensive work is on track. But it turns out a larger crane is needed than originally expected, and so the Tower Takedown will probably happen around Sept. 2nd (rather than Aug. 26th).