Tower Takedown: Day 4, Aug. 18

Work continued on the rigging and preparation of the top for its removal.

PTF workers disassembled components and lowered them to the ground, including the belfry screening, railings, and its roof/floor. That roof originally consisted of cotton fabric that was shellacked and covered with wooden shakes. Later the shakes were replaced with copper. Today they took the copper off, and found it was placed over the original fabric. PTF will take the copper to a reclamation center, and the church will get some funds from i for future rehab!

New weight estimates for the Tower Top (37,000 pounds!) and its considerable height require a larger crane than originally thought. Reps from the new crane company visited today to check out the site, and we should have a date for the Takedown soon. (It very likely will be more like Sept. 2nd than August 26th.)